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untitled (despair. change. anguish.  hope. lament. action. grief.)

untitled (despair. change. anguish  hope. lament. action. grief.)


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……. “[his] body had been recovered from a field and delivered to his family with earth in his clenched fists and mustard flowers growing from his fingers.” …….. - Arandhati Roy in The Ministry of Utmost Happiness -

Grief is private. Grief is public.

In between these two spheres is a tangled relationship.
It is personal, it is universal, it is political.
One informs how we act in the face of the other.

Can we stand on the sand long enough for the tide to come in and unsettle our footing?
Can our private grieving allow us to better join the dissent in the streets?

I come to grief and I am comforted.
I am given a door and the agency to open and close it at will.
I am accepted as a burden.

These are not true statements for everyone.

What is built
from - with - into - through


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("I was terrified that if I touched her, her pain would swell inside my body and become mine forever." - Madeleine Thien in Do Not Say We Have Nothing.)

(All the rooming houses on my street have had their front door removed.), 2015

disproportionate affects (the shadows we all live in).
Charles Kinsley
Abdirahman Abdi
Korryn Gaines
Paul O'Neale
Terence Crutcher
Keith Lamont Scott
Alfred Olanga
Joseph Mann
Reginald Thomas
Deborah Danner
Jordan Edwards
Charleena Lyles
Pierre Corioian
July 2016 - August, 2017.

(despair. change. anguish. hope. lament. action. grief.)

("Societies are held together less by laws and force and threats of force than we are by ethereal and fragile concepts like mutual respect and belief in the justice of the system itself… it is impossible for the police to do their jobs without the vast majority of society believing that our system is just and that the police are there to protect them. – Leon H. Wolf quoted by Michael Eric Dyson in Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon for White American.)