Thomas King has taught me so much through his writing, and I keep listening to his 2003 Massey Lecture series 'The Truth About Stories' again and again.

In the first part of this five part series, 'A Native Narrative', he tells the Indigenous creation story - one of a woman falling through a hole into the sky. The woman's curiosity and cravings led her to dig and dig until she could be seen below falling from a hole in the sky. I hear many things in each telling of this story. And I hear myself, curiously looking for a way to order and understand myself and the world around me. I keep trying to order it in the imperialist, white-supremacist, capitalist, patriarchy (bell hooks) that I live in. And I keep hoping this curiosity will lead me to something outside this system.

"Is friendship formless? Of all our political relationships, it is perhaps the hardest to codify or commodify. It is not an instrument. You cannot play it. It does not look like a "network", thought it is often conscripted in the service of one. In fact, friendship will not work in the service of anything, never mind an exhibition. Its refusal to do so is proof of its ingenuousness." (Kari Cwynar and Kendra Sullivan)

During a month long residency on Salt Spring Island I came with my family and invited many friends to the home I was in. We shared meals on a table cloth I made. The spills and overflows were sopped up by this tablecloth. These are their forms, crocheted from food-dyed cotton.

This work is meant to be installed on a gallery floor with no lines to direct you where not to step.
It is part of an unfinished series.