“I think about my work as socially engaged and relational. The socially engaged aspect – the Art – is just for myself and those I am in relationship with. It is about relationships, often quiet and vulnerable, over time. Just as these relationships are my medium, so is time in this work that blurs the lines between art and life. I then take what I have learnt in relationship, and create the documentation. This is the work you see here. The documentation is an attempt to create an act of translation for another audience. I hope for this to ask questions such as: how can a translation be a posture of understanding? how can it be an ongoing responsibility to those I am in relationship with? how can it work to be involved in the continual process of understanding power and my own complicity in it? And how does silence in translation operate as an act of resistance?”

Corrie Peters is an artist with a wealth of relationships. She has been privileged to spend years in the intimate acts of sharing life with many on the edges of current systems of power. Many people have been willing to sit with her in her struggles, her joys and her ignorance. She is thankful for all the ways they have taught her how to approach art, activism and caring. Corrie is of mennonite settler origins and currently lives with her family as an uninvited guest on the unceded land of the lək̓ʷəŋən speaking peoples.

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