* gare central, montréal, qc  

* rue st-catherine, montréal, qc  

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* défilé des rêves, montréal, qc  

galerie centre culturel georges-vanier. january 19, 2011

galerie centre culturel georges-vanier, montreal,qc






galerie centre culturel georges-vanier, montréal, qc



galerie centre culturel georges-vanier, montréal,qc





galerie centre culturel  georges-vanier, montréal, qc

galerie centre-culturel georges-vanier, montreal, qc



galerie centre culturel georges-vanier. march 10, 2011

collaboration with Hideki Kawashima

between october 2010 and march 2011 Hideki and Corrie asked people to "tell us a dream". these collected dreams were printed, folded and the origami forms were joined to create an "abri" (shelter/refuge) in the gallery at centre culturel georges-vanier over two months.

thank you so much to everyone who participated!

photography by annalie young except *.